Butterfly Mark Certified

Positive Luxury

We are proud to announce that we have been certified with the Butterfly Mark, a symbol of the Real Changemakers in luxury.

Powered by Positive Luxury, The Butterfly Mark is only ever awarded to brands that meet higher and higher standards for people and nature.

To earn the Butterfly Mark, we had to pass an expert-led, independent assessment, which is built on the foundation of international agreements, global frameworks and standards, and even potential upcoming legislation. It covers all areas of sustainability: Environment, Social, and Governance. We had to provide evidence of the change we’re making across a vast range of sustainability issues, including our impact on things like climate, nature, and water (Environment), how we treat our workers and communities (Social), as well as how responsibly and ethically we manage our businesses(Governance). No detail is left out.

Passing the assessment is a landmark moment in our sustainability journey. But our journey is far from over. To retain the Butterfly Mark, we have to re-certify every two years. That means, as standards rise, we’re committed to continually improving our performance to meet them. From the very start of the assessment, we worked closely with Positive Luxury to improve our performance and we’ll continue to do that until we re-certify again.

The Butterfly Mark is a symbol that we stand for progress over perfection, difficult work over easy wins, and that we will never stop trying to improve. We are now part of a growing movement of luxury brands that are committed to transforming luxury, for the good of all.

A Word from Anne

We believe in leaving a little sparkle wherever we go. As a brand, we're always looking for ways to holistically do better and be better, with our customers, local community, and global community mind. Our "why" as a brand is founded on three non-negotiable pillars: Sustainability, Charitability, and Championing Women: We are hyper aware of the environmental impacts of fine jewellery, and have taken it upon ourselves to rethink the traditional, unethical practices of the industry. From holding our manufactures to the highest standards, to redesigning our packaging to be 100% recyclable, we are always striving to achieve new sustainable goals. Our brand believes in social responsibility and giving back to enforce positive change in our world community. We are proud to donate $10 with every order placed on AnneSisteron.com. The Nonprofit organizations are hand selected by Anne Sisteron annually to reflect the values of our brand. Additionally, we participate in numerous charitable events throughout the year and sell a collection of jewelry, where 40% off proceeds are donated to KAAP. Lastly, we are inspired most by our AS Family and the strong women from around the world who unite in this empowering community. As a women-led brand, we believe strongly that we will continue to achieve through support for other women, which is why we make it a point to always uplift the women around us. We are intentional about working with female-led suppliers and partnering with female-owned brands for partnerships and collaborations.

Anne Sisteron in her flagship store in Beverly Hills

Our Journey with Positive Luxury

Anne Sisteron's sustainable journey with Positive Luxury has been a remarkable example of creating a positive impact on the planet environmentally, socially and philanthropically. We as a brand recognised the significance of social responsibility within the luxury industry. We fostered relationships with local suppliers and craftspeople, supporting fair trade practices and ensuring that our jewellery is produced under safe and fair working conditions. By investing in the well-being of our employees and the communities involved in our supply chain, we promoted positive change and contributed to the upliftment of others. We actively engage in philanthropic initiatives. We use our brand's platform to raise awareness and support various causes, such as environmental conservation, women's empowerment, children and animal's well-being being, countries suffering who are in need (we raised $50K for Ukraine) and mental health. Through collaborations with charitable organizations, we created limited-edition collections where a portion of the proceeds was donated to support these causes. We inspired our customers to participate in making a positive impact by choosing a charity for us to give back $10 with each order. Our partnership with Positive Luxury serves as a high point in our sustainability journey. We believe that luxury should not only be about beauty and opulence but also about making a positive difference.

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