Customize your own sophie necklace

After much demand, we're excited to give you creative control to customize your very own Sophie Necklace. The AS Digital Design Studio is now open and we're inviting you inside to put your creative eye to the test. With over 120 possible combinations, the end result will be an extension of your personal style, and the perfect colorful addition to your existing necklace stack.

Kindly note that all custom orders take approximately 6-8 weeks to fulfill and are final sale.




The magical birthstone of October, Opals are known to have healing properties and are said to bring wealth and good fortune. With swirling layers of rich blues and mesmerizing greens, Anne loves to work with the magnificent stone throughout her collection to add a striking burst of color to her timeless design.

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Zodiac Collection

Discover our best-selling zodiac charms and birthstones. Our symbolic fine jewelry represents love, strength, hope, fortune, and even your identity. Incorporate these symbols within your everyday wardrobe to express a deeply personal and uniquely curated look by you.

Birthstones represent your birth month or a loved one's. Create your own stack by choosing which stones resonate with you. Start expressing your personality through jewelry.

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The Sisteron Men

Meet Anne's Family

"As a wife, and mother of two young men, a lot of thought has gone into this new collection. Our men’s line is true to our brand: Luxurious, modern, and strong.

Jewelry now more than ever has become an expression of who we are and the story we tell. Men, just like women want to be part of this narrative. Jewelry should also bring you joy, be meaningful as well as be an heirloom piece for generations to come."

- Anne Sisteron, CEO & Founder

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